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Interview with Toronto Based Shorts in support of The Jokes.

Interview with Kino Short of the Week
in support of Mayonnaise.
Review of Mayonnaise on Shorted.
Mayonnaise added to the Pendance Library
Director's Statement for Mayonnaise on Film Shortage.

Music video for Shirley Hurt's "Problem Child" featured on Exclaim! and Gorilla vs Bear.

Interview with Plastic Attic in support of Stain.
Interview with 
Kino Short of the Week in support of Stain.
Director's Statement for
Stain on Beyond the Short.
Review of 
Stain on Shorted.

Read and watch videos for A.side here, here, here, here, here, and here.

Ghost Connectors
 featured in Vest of Friends podcast.

Liver Than Live in 
NOW magazine.
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